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Balochi dress – Male

Balochi dress – Male

The Baluch differ from their neighbors in their dress. In past Baloch male wore long jama (robe), smock-frock down to the heels, loose trouser (shalwar) measuring 20 to 40 yards, long chador (scarf), pag (turban) measuring 15 to 20 yards and loose shirt called Kurta. They wore nothing but white and were critical of and had serious objections to colors of any kind. The only colored item in their dress was their Chogha (an overcoat).

The smock-frocks have now been replaced with knee-down loose shirts but the loose shalwars are still widely popular. Colours other than white are also acceptable now.

The Balochi shoes called Chawats are also different and beautiful. Marri Bur, Shikari and Sabir are few famous names.



  1. Waaah… so unique and decent dressing of the brave Baloch men… loved it

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