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Baloch Traditions

Baloch Traditions

Baluch differ from their neighbors not only in their language, literature, religion, and feelings, but also in their traditions and habits.

Traditions play an important role in the making of a nation. Arab Islam failed to assimilate the Persians into Arab traditions. Iranians fought and resisted Arab domination and though they converted to Islam, they formed a new sect (Shia) in Islam. They maintained their separate language, literature and traditions. Turks and Afghans also refused the domination and influence of Iranian Islam. The same is true of the Baluch, who maintain their own traditions and customs, which are different from Punjabi, Sindhi, Iranian, and Afghan Muslims.

When we compare the rational traditions of the Baluch to those of his neighbors, we see that though they are Muslims, they wear a different dress, eat different food, etc. The Baluch prefer to eat meat without chilies, while the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent spice their food with these peppers. The
 special and common diet of the Baluch is “Sajji” (grilled meat on the fire),
which is not partaken of by Indo-Pak Muslims. In fact, the Muslim Punjabis’ and Sindhis’ way of life has more in common with that of the Hindu Indians, with the exception of religion.

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